Michelle Burca

“Off-Figure Stylist…What is that exactly?”

Michelle Burca understands why people inquire further about her line of work. She did not know this specialty job even existed until a colleague proposed that it might just fit with her creative nature. Now, 15 years later, she continues to thrive in this little known field with passion and flair.

She openly admits to not having any formal post secondary education and takes pride in being primarily self-taught. Burca, as most clients end up calling her by her last name once comfortable, started out as a presser at one of the largest studios in the city, and worked her way up to senior stylist in about 2 years. It was back in the days of film, which provided an excellent backdrop to strengthen & diversify her skill set – no quick clicks in Photoshop then.

The creative process of bringing a client’s ideas to life is what fuels her. The eclectic and brilliant crews she partners with are what she loves most. And she never compromises the quality of her work – no matter the budget or time frame.

Based out of her hometown Toronto, this city girl collaborates with a myriad of clients via ads, editorial, web, and commercial. A few of those include Hudson’s Bay, Winners, Birks, Holt Renfrew, and Fashion Magazine.

When she’s not styling up the latest vision for a client, she enjoys the simple things and likes to push herself out of her comfort zone. She cooks, dances in her disco kitchen, loves nature, vinyl, instagram, and is starting up a colouring club for adults. She’s run every distance from 5k to marathon and now unfortunately suffers from RBS Syndrome, also known as Triathlete.