My Yen Trung is a Toronto based photographer with over 10 years experience in all things product.  Her upbeat and positive attitude has propelled her to continually work successfully as a photographer, presenting opportunities where she’s collaborated with many talents in the advertising/editorial world. Her style of shooting is to keep it simple, otherwise know as the KIS rule.


Gabe Toth is a Toronto based commercial, editorial and advertising photographer.  Originally hailing from Slovakia, the Heart of Europe, he made a trek to Canada.  When not busy shooting stills, liquids, desserts and beautiful people, he enjoys adventures, while still glued to his camera.


As an accomplished photographer Joseph Saraceno continues to push himself with his photography, always striving to capture a great image. Joseph takes a fluid approach to his work, letting the formal qualities of an object drive the creative direction.

Using strong directional lighting, contrasting textures and bold angles are signatures of his work.
Recognized not only in Toronto, but also Internationally, Joseph’s work covers a broad spectrum.