Oliver Ward – Film Maker Oliver Ward is a DIY Youtube generation film-maker. With a ”no need to ask for permission” attitude Oliver has always created his own work. This ethic has resulted in an exciting career that has taken him from New York, to Toronto to Huntsville, Muskoka.

Oliver studied acting in New York at Sanford Meisner’s Neighborhood Playhouse and later at William Esper Studios. Oliver performed off-broadway in Neither Heaven Nor Earth before returning to Toronto in 2012 where he caught the beginning of webseries movement and created and produced the twelve episode comedy Three Guys and a Witch.

In 2012 Oliver co-founded with Evert Houston The Blue Flame Collective, a Toronto based film production community dedicated to the creation, production and promotion of independent Canadian Film. With the BFC Oliver produced over thirty short films, many of which went on to enjoy success worldwide.

Oliver has worked as an editor for Les Stroud’s Survivorman from 2013-2016. As a documentary editor, Oliver collaborated with sister Claire Ward on her multi-award winning film The Cola Road. The film was special selected for a screening by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

Currently, Oliver is the Director at Cinemuskoka, Muskoka’s Independent Film Festival (www.cinemuskoka.com). He works as a freelance Film Maker. He describes his style as natural and organic, and yes, he knows how pretentious that sounds. His goal is to capture the magic of a moment on the day in camera – striving not to rely on corrective and artistic filters in post production.





Christopher James, a Montreal native, has dominated the industry for the last ten years.


From starting his own company called Dekade Productions at the young age of 21, Chris’ approach has always been to produce compelling content with a cinematic feel. From working with brands like Louis Vuitton, Lise Watier, and Tommy Hilfiger, Chris continues to transform abstract ideas and market needs into fully scalable productions.  

Production aside, Chris is also a singer/songwriter and producer. Being a multidisciplinary creative has helped Chris excel in both his career and music. Chris is currently working on some new tracks, exploring the realm of film photography, and of course – creating beautiful content.


Known for his glamorous yet unpretentious style, celebrity and beauty photographer Michael Williams began his photography career in Paris. He quickly rose to the top of his profession and has shot for many of the world’s leading publications including Vogue, Elle, Glamour, Marie Claire Etc.He has also shot and directed many advertising campaigns in addition to having photographed many Academy Award winning actors.

Michael’s work has recently expanded to include directing TV commercials and now many of his photo shoots now involve video or motion capture. Michael has residences in both NYC and LA and frequently travels the globe on where ever his assignments take him. Michael is equally noted for his professional ease on set and intuitive understanding of is clients needs. When he isn’t juggling his hectic career he can be found at his neighborhood playground trying to keep up with his five year old son.

Javier Lovera

Originally from Colombia and a Purdue University graduate, Javier Lovera is an award-winning photographer with a focus in fashion, beauty, and advertising. Javier’s images and films tell strong, powerful and intimate stories. His style is clean and creative, and strongly influenced by his passion for graphic design. His commercial work for clients such as Adidas Canada, Cougar Boots, Maybelline NY, Blammo Worldwide, The Royal Ontario Museum, Montana Steele Advertising, and LA Ads Inc, has appeared in regional and national advertising campaigns. His editorial photography has been published in international and national magazines such as Elle Quebec, BULLETT Magazine, NUVO, ZINK, PLAID, Poor But Sexy, Contra and FILLER. In 2009, The Applied Arts Magazine Photography Annual competition granted Javier an award in the Fashion and Beauty category.

Being passionate about multi-disciplinary projects, Javier is currently developing and researching interactive and projection based installations in collaboration with Derooted Labs, making use of his engineering and design backgrounds. This growing collaboration has resulted in commissioned work for clients such as BMW and Nike, among others.