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Sarah Sweeney received her formal training at George Brown College’s prestigious Culinary Arts Program, during which time she interned in the kitchen of Toronto’s fine-dining institution Centro, then run by celebrity chef Marc Thuet. Sarah then went on to apprentice under Chef Anne Yarmovich at Agora Restaurant, earning her Red Seal Chef Certification in 2000. Her years spent in restaurant kitchens helped Sarah refine her culinary style, which she describes as “healthy, guilt-free comfort food with bold international flavours.”  

In 2004, Sarah began working as a Private Executive Chef, overseeing the kitchens of some of Canada’s most prominent families.  This opportunity provided Sarah with new creative freedom as well as the chance to hone her menu-planning and recipe-development skills.

Today, Sarah is a sought-after food stylist and recipe developer, with a roster of clients that spans the magazine, television, food-packaging and advertising industries.  Sarah also loves teaching people to cook their own delicious, healthy meals; she’s a chef instructor at Dish Cooking Studio, and volunteers with the Boys and Girls Clubs of Canada, Kids Cook to Care and The Red Door Shelter. Sarah hopes her classes will inspire adults and kids alike to enjoy more healthy, homemade meals in their own kitchens.  


This Newfoundland native and mother of two has been passionate about food, film, fashion and television for as long as she can remember.

She was scouted in a mall fashion show at the age of 15 and, soon after being ‘discovered’, Christine began modeling for beauty campaigns around the world. Building on her modeling career, she then honed her talents as a trained actor for both film and television and has appeared on-screen in high-profile productions for networks like HBO and ABC Family.

No matter where her adventures in front of the camera would take her, though, her obsession for food and healthy eating was always there. She never forgot her love of cooking at an early age and she longed to return to those culinary roots. She rekindled her love for cooking by enrolling in the Chef Training program at George Brown College, Toronto.

Christine’s culinary accomplishments include: regular guest chef appearances on daytime TV shows like Rogers’ Cityline, and CTV’s Marilyn Dennis. She was thrilled to join CBC Television and Canada’s most popular daily food show, BEST RECIPES EVER, as its host where she got to choose her favorite dishes from Canadian Living’s renowned Tested-Till-Perfect recipe library and bring them to life every day for Canadians coast-to-coast. She has been a spokesperson and brand ambassador for such brands as Philips, Dairy Farmers of Ontario, Wild Blueberry Association of North America and Bonne Maman to name a few.

Christine makes cooking look easy and this comes from her love for teaching people about food both in front of the camera and behind the scenes. The culmination of her insatiable appetite for anything culinary along with over 15 years of on-camera work makes her an asset to any food team. Her spark and attention to detail can be seen in her work as a food stylist, food writer, recipe developer and culinary producer.

It’s common to bump into her about town in various culinary media events. Whether it is a food demo at a trade show, celebrity chef judging, or teaching a kids cooking class, her down home personality mixed with culinary technique is contagious. So it is no surprise that Christine also takes you into her home and kitchen on her YouTube cooking channel, The Three Way Chef.

Her new cookbook, Honest To Goodness, published through Whitecap Books, will be released in Spring 2017, and it it will be packed with mouth-watering, family friendly homemade recipes. She believes in looking and feeling good and is always eager to share her enthusiasm for great food and good living with others.




Michael Elliott started working in kitchens at the age of 13. In 2002 he began working as an assistant food stylist on the popular French Canadian cooking show “A la Di Stasio”. Since then he has worked as a food stylist, recipe developer, and writer in Europe, Asia, and Canada.

He is a trained chef and pastry chef with experience in still and motion media. He is fluent in French and English and speaks basic Mandarin Chinese.

He prides himself on attention to detail, vision, communication, and a smooth and unparalleled experience for his clients. His work has won multiple awards including Applied Arts (2012) and Sony World Photography Awards (2012).


LeeAnne Wright has been leveraging her culinary training and expertise in preparing mouth-watering food for editorial and commercial photography, packaging and television for almost a decade. She has contributed creative and interesting recipe and food feature designs for Glow, Wish, Gardening Life, Canadian Family, and Food & Drink magazines.

LeeAnne’s passion in food styling reflects a positive energy in every shoot. She loves the synergies that are vital to getting the best result. Remaining on her toes, LeeAnne is prepared in anticipation for anything that comes her way, known for bringing a fresh eye and sharp tweezers to every shoot.

LeeAnne’s expertise can be accredited to her training under New York based food stylist, author and C.I.A. instructor, Delores Custer.


Rodney’s passion for cooking has spanned most of his life. Having grown up in Belleville, Ontario and working on a farm in the early days, Rodney developed a love for having fresh ingredients at his finger tips. His passion for cooking poured over into photography and he has spent over 20 years cultivating his skills.


Over the years, Rodney has grown his love of fresh food creations, whether it was personally through travel and entertaining, or professionally working and collaborating with fellow foodies. Rodney’s ability to visualize, cook and create has allowed him to successfully blend his two passions of photography and food styling.





Food and photography are Andrew’s two passions.  Ever since he was introduced to the world of cooking at a young age, he has always had fun with it.  The only thing that he enjoys more than creating delicious beautiful-looking dishes is sharing them with friends and family.

Andrew debated between a “Chef Training” and “Photography” college degree, choosing Photography in the end.  After traveling abroad and experimenting with different areas of the photography industry, he decided to give cooking a chance.  Working in the restaurant industry allowed him to broaden his skills greatly.  It was then when he decided to combine both worlds together and started styling food.

His work passion and talent have quickly granted Andrew the opportunity to work with some of Toronto’s most recognized names in the food styling industry.  Always looking for new challenges and enjoying every step of the process, Andrew’s goal is to bring his clients’ visions one step further without forgetting to have fun.


Murray Bancroft is a food stylist and chef who works with a roster of international culinary clients spreading his gospel of seasonal, sexy and healthy food. Whole Foods, Kraft, McDonalds Europe, Sobeys, Kellogs and Garden Protein International are just a few of the companies who have benefited from his progressive and youthful approach to cooking.

Bancroft apprenticed at Vancouver’s renowned classical French restaurant Le Crocodile, and with the late Jean-Claude Ramond (The Smoking Dog) – one of the cities foremost culinary figures. After traveling and studying abroad, including two years in the South of France, the beauty and bounty of the Pacific Northwest lured him back to his native Vancouver, where he continues to consult with top food companies and restaurant chains throughout North America and Europe.

In addition to styling toothsome feasts for magazines such as Western Living and Condé Nast (he also has a degree in Art History), Bancroft’s product development projects have garnered international awards for innovation.


“Who doesn’t love food!” exclaims Heather Shaw. It all began for her at a young age, growing up in Toronto. Her uncle taught her what it meant to create beauty out of food. “Somehow it all made sense, if my food looked good, chances were it tasted that way too,” she says.

Shaw started out creating wonderful-looking dishes for her friends and family. She went to study at Sheridan College in the hopes of becoming a photographer, and when she graduated, Heather went straight into shooting food and beverage.

A photographer she was assisting noticed her skills with presentation and let her put together some shots for him. “It was then that I realized food styling was my thing,” says Heather. She took courses to further develop her skills and had the opportunity to work with some of the best in Toronto’s food styling industry.

Now, Heather works hard to achieve the very best results for her clients. She loves her job and is always thrilled to meet and create with different types of artists. “I can only ask that it keeps on coming my way and making you hungry,” she says.


Food stylist Ashley Denton has been working in the industry for fifteen years with his work featured in House & Home, Chatelaine, En Route, and Style at Home, as well as TV appearances on Cityline.

Ashley’s client list has included Kraft Foods, Outback Steakhouse, Sobeys, and Visa among many others. The Torontonian graduated from the George Brown Culinary program in 2000, and immediately opened his own catering company. Although the business was gratifying, he was drawn to the creative energy and challenges of food styling.