Begin with the best ingredients, keep it organic, and make it from scratch. That is Christine Tizzard’s food philosophy.

Her media accomplishments include regular appearances on CityLine and Rogers Television. Her Bamboo Magazine column “From Scratch” helps her readers understand how to get most out of ingredients by offering alternatives to everyday meals. She is also a culinary instructor at the LCBO (Liquor Control Board of Ontario) Cooking School and Nella Cucina.

Christine has been passionate about food, €lm, fashion, and television ever since she was scouted in a mall fashion show at the age of 15. The Newfoundland native has since posed for international beauty campaigns and appeared with Tom Selleck on screen, but this camera star, who now embraces big city living in Toronto, Ontario, still manages to keep it real.

Christine’s passion for food takes centre stage in her everyday life, despite her busy role as a yummy mommy of two. Her own enthusiasm for cooking began at an early age, when she used to help her mother bake bread.

Her obsession in finding the perfect dish led her to culinary school at George Brown College in Toronto. Today, when not appearing on HBO or on the cover of a magazine, Christine can be found working behind the scenes as a food stylist, or in her kitchen crafting homemade artisan goods.

Christine’s upfront, down-to-earth, vivacious personality is contagious and authentic. She believes in looking and feeling good, and is always on the lookout for the best ingredients in food and nutrition.